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If you require a filling to save a tooth that has been partially damaged by decay, you probably want to choose the most durable, attractive, and natural-looking option. At our Hobbs cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. B.J. Henderson helps patients fight decay with high quality porcelain fillings (also called inlays or onlays).

Dealing With Decay

With the large amount of substances that pass through the mouth on a daily basis, your teeth are extremely vulnerable to bacteria. The element of time can be a friend or a foe, depending on whether you visit the dentist regularly or choose to skip dental checkups. Remember that the best defense against decay is a dental exam, and that identifying small cavities is crucial to preventing them from seriously endangering your teeth.

If you do not brush and floss diligently, and you avoid professional exams, the environment inside your mouth makes it easy for bacteria to thrive. When plaque build-up and decay-causing bacteria start to weaken your enamel, your teeth and gums may be in danger. A cavity diagnosis from your experienced general dentist can help stop the spread of decay and preserve your tooth.

The Filling: A Simple and Quick Remedy

For most cavities, a filling is usually the first line of defense. If the damage is not so much that it endangers the integrity or structure of the tooth, a filling works well for replacing lost enamel. During a porcelain filling treatment, Dr. Henderson removes all signs of bacteria, prepares the tooth surface, and places the porcelain filling. The surface of the tooth is reshaped so that it looks normal and allows you to bite down comfortably.

Why Porcelain Works Best

Porcelain creates a very strong tooth surface when it is bonded to your natural enamel. Unlike metal fillings that are unsightly and can eventually fracture teeth, porcelain fillings are the ideal material to fill a tooth that has suffered a controllable amount of damage. The porcelain fillings used at our office are carefully crafted from a safe dental ceramic. Each filling is dyed to match your tooth shade, leaving you with an attractive and stain-resistant restoration. Porcelain fillings can last many years with good hygiene and regular trips to the dentist.

If you would like more information on the benefits of porcelain fillings, cosmetic dentist Dr. B.J. Henderson is available for new patient consultations. If you live in Southeast New Mexico or West Texas, please contact our dental practice today to set up your first visit. Our team is ready to help you get a beautiful, healthy smile you can be proud of.

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