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Regular dental exams and routine dental hygiene visits are a great way to deal with minor complications, and keep your teeth and gums healthy. But more serious issues may require advanced dental treatment and skills of an experienced dental surgeon. When you need to see the dentist for procedures such as a tooth extraction or you have troublesome wisdom teeth you need oral surgery. Located in Hobbs, New Mexico, serving West Texas, and Southeast New Mexico, B.J. Henderson, D.D.S. is experienced in the most common general oral surgery needs. Dr. Henderson is the only general dentist in this area who routinely performs general oral surgery.

Common Oral Surgery Procedures

Tooth extraction may be the most common reason people need to see an oral surgeon. This is due to the eruption or impaction of wisdom teeth, broken or decayed teeth, or primary teeth that have failed to come out when permanent teeth are coming in. However, periodontal disease and gum recession can both devastate your ability to eat and speak, and affect your self-confidence.

As an experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Henderson can also diagnose and treat:

  • Bone grafting to restore normal function to a reconstructed jaw
  • Dental implants to replace a tooth or teeth extracted because of injury or decay
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) in cases of chronic jaw and face pain
  • Alveolectomy to create a jaw anatomy more conducive to properly fitting dentures
  • Apicoectomy, indicated after a conventional root canal fails or the root prohibits an adequate root canal seal
  • Frenectomy a surgical procedure that removes a band of muscle tissue. Indicated if the tissue restricts lip or tongue movement, or in conjunction with orthodontics.

Dr. Henderson performs aesthetic periodontal surgery to give you back both bite functionality and a nice smile through gingival contouring, free gingival grafts, connective tissue grafts and more. By focusing on restoring the gums and the teeth, your oral health will be vastly improved.

If you are in need of a general oral surgeon in the Hobbs, Southeast New Mexico, or West Texas area, please contact experienced general dentist and surgeon Dr. B.J. Henderson, D.D.S. for an initial consultation.

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