How a Neuromuscular Dentist Differs from a General Dentist

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There are countless dentists to choose from in the Southeast New Mexico and West Texas areas, but only a select few are specially trained in neuromuscular dentistry (the study and treatment of jaw joint problems). At the office of B.J. Henderson, DDS, our experienced neuromuscular dentist can diagnose and treat TMD (temporomandibular disorder) and help relieve you of the painful symptoms you have been suffering from for years, if not decades.

What Makes Neuromuscular Dentistry Unique

When the upper and lower jaws do not fit together right, and the jaw joints are not functioning as they should, a patient is said to have TMD, or a "bad bite". Neuromuscular dentists focus on the jaw joints and how they affect a patient's bite. Neuromuscular dentists like Dr. Henderson must undergo rigorous post-graduate training and certification to be able to help patients with bite problems.

A General Dentist and Neuromuscular Dentist in One

With certification as a general and a neuromuscular dental professional, Dr. Henderson practices dentistry that is truly comprehensive. In addition to monitoring the health of teeth and gums, he is trained to spot signs of TMD. He looks at a patient's overall dental health and assesses their needs based on a number of factors, including how the bite comes together and how efficient the jaw joints are functioning. If a jaw joint dysfunction is discovered, Dr. Henderson will evaluate the relationships of the jaw muscles, joints, nerves, and teeth, and then create an individualized treatment plan.

The Goal of Neuromuscular Dentistry

Dentists who are trained in neuromuscular techniques are ultimately out to relieve patients of the painful and intrusive symptoms of TMD. By using special technology and skill, Dr. Henderson works to find an optimal relaxed position for the jaws. The complex forces that combine to create jaw movement are studies and altered to help restore a healthy, balanced bite. Patients who undergo treatment for TMD will be watched over an extended period to ensure proper form and function. Ideally, you should be free of pain, soreness, tension, and other effects of TMD after your personalized treatment.

Trust the total health of your smile to the local cosmetic dentist who has a special focus in neuromuscular dentistry. Please contact the office of Dr. B.J. Henderson, DDS today in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas to discuss your dental needs. We welcome new patients and offer a very comprehensive, no obligation consultation.

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