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Teeth are the main focus when discussing how to create a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry, but the gums also play a crucial role in the appearance of your smile. Gum tissue that seems to crowd enamel or frames teeth unevenly can cause an imbalanced look. Cosmetic dentist, Dr. B.J. Henderson, offers safe laser gum recontouring for patients with this problem.

How Gum Recontouring Works

Gum recontouring, also called gingivectomy, offers patients a simple solution to excess gum tissue. The technology that makes gum recontouring possible is the Diode Soft Tissue Laser. Using safe laser light, the Diode gently removes gum tissue as Dr. Henderson guides it to your predetermined gum measurements. The laser light is so direct and precise, Dr. Henderson can create a highly attractive, clean gumline that you can feel good about. Reshaping the gums can also help your teeth appear more brilliant and noticeable. Many gum recontouring patients often remark that their teeth often appear longer, too.

Do You Need Gum Recontouring?

Dr. Henderson often recommends gum recontouring for men and women who are searching for a way to improve their smile without invasive surgery or extensive dental work. If the appearance of your gums has been a source of self-consciousness, gum reshaping can make a big difference. Schedule a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry evaluation with our smile makeover team, and we will give you all the details on gum recontouring.

Additional Benefits

Before laser gum surgery, the only option was to excise excess gum tissue using a cutting process. Thanks to the precision and light energy process used by the Diode laser, discomfort is minimal during the gum recontouring treatment. Patients enjoy an incredibly fast healing process.

See if nonsurgical laser gum surgery is an option for you. For all the details, please contact Dr. B.J. Henderson today to set up a personal smile evaluation. Our team helps men and women in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas treat a wide variety of smile problems with advanced cosmetic dentistry.

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