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When you are in need of a powerful, durable cosmetic dentistry solution to improve the look and function of a damaged tooth, a dental crown is often the recommended procedure. At the office of Dr. B.J. Henderson, our smile makeover team has successfully restored thousands of teeth with this heavy-duty, effective restoration option.

Why Crowns?

Dental crowns, also called "caps", are used when a tooth has been compromised due to injury or decay. The purpose of a dental crown is to strengthen teeth to the point that they can be used for normal chewing. If a tooth has been fractured, cracked, broken, or chipped, it can inhibit chewing ability, make the tooth more prone to decay, and create an imbalance in your bite. Dr. Henderson will suggest a dental crown if there is too much damage to control with a filling, onlay, or other conservative treatment.

Dr. Henderson may also recommend you replace old, ineffective crowns if they are preventing optimal dental health. A crown is also commonly used after the root canal procedure to provide extra support for teeth that have had their dental pulp removed. Read about how a dental crown is made.

The Peak Performance of Porcelain

At the metal-free office of B.J. Henderson, DDS, we use porcelain material to create crown restorations. When a crown is needed to support a dental implant, we prefer to use porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns for dynamic protection and strength. We favor porcelain for this type of restoration because it has many beneficial qualities: The appearance and texture of porcelain mimics that of enamel. Also, it becomes very durable and strong when fused to enamel.

Talk to an experienced dentist about your smile and find out if dental crowns are a good option. Please contact B.J. Henderson, DDS today to set up your comprehensive consultation and have your dental crown questions answered. We help patients in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas smile bigger with effective, affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments.

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