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How much skill is involved in the dental crown process?

Porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are designed to make weak teeth strong, to help damaged teeth survive. It is the job of your cosmetic dentist to ensure the measurements, color, and shape are calculated successfully, so that the lab can do its job and create the personalized crown to your unique specifications. At the office of Dr. B.J. Henderson, we use a well-respected laboratory with highly trained lab technicians who consistently produce great restorations. Once the crown is placed, Dr. Henderson must also apply his knowledge to make sure the crown is stable, strong, and shaped for maximum comfort and functionality.

Why are all-porcelain crowns preferable to crowns made from metal?

Because metal can expand with temperature changes and it is a heavy material, the dentist must remove a significant amount of enamel prior to crown placement. Porcelain crowns are not only a more attractive option, but they require less tooth reduction than metal, also.

Am I a candidate for a dental crown?

If you have a severely damaged tooth that cannot be treated with a more conservative cosmetic dentistry restoration, Dr. Henderson may recommend a dental crown. If you have a worn out filling or old crown that has caused enamel to wear, resulting in a weakened tooth, a dental crown could help save and restore the tooth structure. Tooth cracks or breaks are often good reasons for placing tooth crowns, as well.

How long will my porcelain crown last?

The lifespan of a dental crown is different for every individual. With proper care, a dental crown has been known to last upwards of 25 years. Our porcelain crowns are designed for longevity, and your home care and regular dental visits can help maintain the integrity of a crowned tooth. During your dental evaluation, Dr. Henderson will provide you with all of the important details about this type of restoration.

Why is Dr. Henderson an ideal choice for a dental crown or other cosmetic dentistry procedure?

Dr. Henderson has helped countless people in the community save damaged teeth with the dental crown procedure. He is an accomplished local cosmetic dentist who received post-graduate training from the renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Schedule your comprehensive dental evaluation with our dental team and see how even small cosmetic dentistry changes can greatly improve your smile. If you are in Southeast New Mexico or West Texas, please contact Dr. B.J. Henderson today to set up your first visit. We would be happy to show you before and after photos and help you choose the perfect treatments.

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