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Metal fillings are a thing of the past at the office of Dr. B.J. Henderson. Here at our metal-free Hobbs dental practice, we use dental materials that are not only safe and biocompatible but built for aesthetic beauty and longevity, too. If you have old metal fillings that are making you self-conscious, trust our team to replace them with attractive tooth-colored fillings.

How Tooth Decay Happens

You learned all about the dangers of plaque build-up and the importance of brushing and flossing as a kid. But limited time and other responsibilities can make you forget to do the necessary dental hygiene work. Skipping your dental care routine and visits to the dentist can cause plaque build-up and lead to tooth decay. Tooth decay can damage precious enamel and eventually harm your tooth root and the internal dental pulp. For some patients, decay can happen even when you follow all of the rules of good dental hygiene.

Catching Decay Early

Regular visits to your dentist are crucial to preventing the spread of tooth decay. Early treatment can prevent serious dental problems like tooth and bone loss. Dr. Henderson and his team have a strong line of defense against cavity-causing decay. When caught early enough, small areas of decay can be stopped from spreading with the help of a tooth-colored filling.

The Job of a Tooth-Colored Filling

If you have been diagnosed with a cavity, the most conservative option is a tooth-colored filling. These attractive alternatives to metal fillings provide strength and protection for small areas where Dr. Henderson has removed bacteria. A filling can be placed in one short visit and is closely matched to your tooth shade for a natural solution. If your cavity is small or positioned on front teeth, Dr. Henderson may be able to fill in the area with composite bonding material, which is then bonded to teeth with a hardening light. For medium to large cavities found on biting surfaces, porcelain fillings or dental crowns may be recommended.

No matter what type of cosmetic dentistry treatment you need, Dr. B.J. Henderson can help you maintain a strong, beautiful smile for life. To learn more about your smile makeover options, please contact our cosmetic dentistry serving Southeast New Mexico and West Texas for a personal dental consultation.

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