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If you are missing teeth and would like a permanent solution, Dr. B.J. Henderson can use a dental bridge to "bridge" the gap in your smile. A dental bridge is a popular cosmetic dentistry solution that has helped many people in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas who have lost multiple teeth.

A dental bridge is a false tooth that is fused to porcelain crowns on both sides. The dental crowns may be anchored to your natural teeth or a dental implant, depending on the number of teeth missing. Dental bridges are fixed in placed, meaning they cannot be removed without professional help.

With the addition of a bridge, you can feel comfortable with your smile and be proud to show it off. Our experienced cosmetic dentistry team will explain the process and work hard to deliver natural results that will look and feel great.

Dental Bridge Benefits

Dental bridges have many benefits: They protect existing teeth from shifting and prevent bone loss where the gap lies. Also, a dental bridge can create a more balanced bite and prevent or eliminate neuromuscular problems stemming from tooth loss.

Dr. Henderson offers the following types of dental bridges with varying anchor strategies:

Traditional — The traditional style involves a faux tooth situated between two porcelain crowns.

Cantilever — The cantilever style bridge is often used when a missing tooth has neighboring teeth on one side only.

Resin-bonded — The resin-bonded bridge is a common option for patients who are missing their front teeth. It involves a faux tooth with resin "wings" on either side for anchoring.

Your Bridge Consultation

During a comprehensive examination, Dr. Henderson will answer all of your questions about dental bonding and help you decide if this tooth replacement treatment is right for you. The cost of your dental bridge will depend on the style recommended, the amount of artistry and time spent creating the bridge, and any additional restorations which are needed to strengthen and protect teeth. Also, if you are interested in making payments, we can facilitate an affordable dental financing plan. You may also want to consider permanent dental implants to replace missing teeth, as well.

Discover all of the options for completing your smile at the office of B.J. Henderson, DDS. Our caring team will help you find a comfortable, affordable solution and make personalized recommendations based on the results of your thorough consultation. If you live in Southeast New Mexico or West Texas, please contact us today to get set up.

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